Watch “Let Them Eat Kake” Online

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2014 Dallas 48 Movie Event

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After 5 years, I got that crazy itch and decided to make another 48 hour movie. Inspired by a member of my family, we made Let Them Eat Kake.

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Screening Metal Sandwich

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Last night the 2009 Dallas 48 Hour Film Project film makers gathered at the Studio Movie Grill to watch their movies.  The Country Slickers were excited to see their movie on the big screen.

It was supposed to be a 7 minute movie.  I kept wondering how come our METAL SANDWICH seemed to fly by and end in about 3 minutes.



image_thumb13 Then I kept asking myself how come some of the other movies got 10, 15, or even 20 minutes!  Was there some sort of anomaly in the 7-minute-movie time/space continuum?  (Maybe the other teams were wondering the same thing about their films).

It’s funny how only a month ago there was no Country Slickers team and all these people were  strangers.  Now we are friends and family and talking about our next adventure together.

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The Morning After

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image Actually, it was two days after – the second day after the shoot, and the day after turning in our production.  As with many significant and intense life events, I experienced a bit of “post partum” depression – though fortunately not as great as I had expected or as much as I had after shooting my short Search And Recover five years ago.

First I walked down to the pond to drive the school bus away from it (the wheels simply spun at first, but I was finally able to drive it out of its muddy tire ruts).   Next I fired up the tractor, took out the trash, replaced the mailbox back to the road, shoved the Cadillac back next to the driveway, returned the air compressor and shop vac to the shed, picked up more trash and left plenty behind.  Then just like in the movie, I mixed up bottles and fed the calves, and turned the goats out.  After a couple of hours it was back inside to enjoy a cup of coffee and the thunderstorms that hung around all day.

It turned out to be a pretty quiet day, and you couldn’t tell that two days earlier the area had been swarming with a hive of busy people.  Part of me was reveling in the peace and joy of it all being over.  And another part of me was thinking about how to get started doing all over again.

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The Good News (and the Not So Good)

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Greetings All,

Congratulations to all of you on a job well done!  In 48 hours we made a movie that many people never get done in a year or a lifetime no matter how much they desire to.  There are many thoughts and feelings I wish to express, and I shall be doing so on the blog at over the coming days.

First, I wanted to communicate something personally to you before I post it on the blog, and that is this…

Good news is that even in the face of all of the challenges of such an undertaking as a 48 hour film race, our product turned out very well – in fact exceptional from what I have seen.  However, some unfortunate news is that in the post production aspects of achieving excellence, we came down to the wire and then encountered technical problems at the last minute and could not get the final product burned to DVD in time.  In fact, I was 4 minutes late to the drop off.  I am very sorry about this, and felt like crying at the moment, but kept a firm upper lip [pretty much].

This is not the end of the world, but merely a cloud casting a shadow in an isolated part of the plain where otherwise the sun shines so brightly that I must wear shades.

The implications are these:

  • Our movie will still be screened as planned.
  • We are still eligible for the Audience Choice award.
  • We can still submit our movie to festivals.
  • I will still put the movie up on my website (and probably to YouTube as long as there are no SAG prohibitions)
  • We still did an awesome job and should be very proud!
  • We are not eligible the the 48 Hour competition.

So remember this with me, we have an excellent product that might not be in this immediate running, versus a crappy movie that no one would want to see.

here are many "if onlys" that I could play over and over in my head.  But I have resolved to not go there.  (There were 4 teams late with their turn-in).  In fact the guy I handed the paperwork to told me it has happened to him twice; like he said, I have decided to get past it.  And like I always say, life is not for the faint of heart.  So, that is what it is.  <smile>

Again, thank you so much for your passion and drive.  I could not possibly be happier to have gotten to work with each and every one of you.
Stay tuned for upcoming communications regarding posting the movie, photos, and lots of thoughts.

By the way, during post production, Jason and I discussed the movie’s name, and agreed to replace the literary working title of Baine’s Existence with one a little more intriguing.  As such, congratulations in helping create METAL SANDWICH!



Stephen H. Dunham

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14 hours in 104f degree Texas heat.  I must be insane – or stupid.  Miserable.  But misery loves company.  Amazing there were 15 other idiots out in the heat along with me making a movie.

OK, they’re not idiots at all.  Rather they are creative and passionate people who wanted to team up together and see what we could accomplish.  Interesting, I did not know any of them before I started recruiting the team.  We all started as perfect strangers.  Now they are my friends.

Last night I joined our editor and one of the writers in the editing suite around midnight; now it is almost noon.  Delirium from sleep deprivation has already set in since I arose at 5:30 am yesterday.  Having dreaded the oncoming of yesterday for over a month, I am glad that yesterday is gone and that today we will have done all we can do and turned in our movie.

Happily, I am well-pleased with the product I am seeing, thanks to EVERYONE on the team.  As in any endeavor such as a 48 hour film making race mistakes will be made.  In fact, mistakes are more likely the norm than the exception.  My team did wonderful work together and I am very proud of them.  Some of our shortcomings and errors have been addressed and overcome.  To that point I am finding myself laughing out loud.

Afternoon update: 4:37 pm and Tim is still editing – currently normalizing the audio levels of all the audio clips.  Christian has sent me his music files he composed today, and we still need to put those into the movie.  The deadline is 7:30 pm for me to turn in the final production.  We still have the music, titles & credits, rendering, and burning to do; plus driving, parking, and handing in.  My wife has called me to see if I need a ride downtown and home.  I told her I took a nap in the editing suite.  Lord keep me safe and awake!

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Pre-Opening Credits

  • 5 seconds of bars & tone
  • 5 seconds of black
  • Country Slickers
  • June 26-28, 2009
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Super Hero
  • “This film made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2009.”
  • 2 seconds of black
  • Country Slickers Presents…

Closing Credits

Character       –        Actor

Billy Baine          Lance Eakright

Glitter Girl          Evie Louise Thompson

Kate                   Candice Irion

Britney Baine     Jessica Dunham

Peter Knoll         Doug Goodrich

Stephen Dunham – Director

Alan Tregoning – Writer

Jason Walter Vaile – Writer

Martin Catt – Director of Photography

Daniel Baumgartner – Director of Photography

Stephen Dunham – Executive Producer

Jessica Spawn – Production Assistant

Candice Irion –   Photographer on set

Martin Catt – Outfitter

Christian Ross – Composer & Musician

Daniel Baumgartner – Steadicam Operator

C.  Jones – Roughcut Editor

Tim Bird – Post Production Director

Gayathri Thaikkendiyil – Camera Assistant

Shellye Logan – Photographer’s Assistant

Jessica Spawn – Script Supervisor

Michele Dunham – Craft Services

Thanks to David Motes for tractor usage

Thanks to Einstein Bagels of Lewisville, TX

Special Thanks to the Screen Actors Guild   image

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Comedic Writer for Dramatic Action-Adventure Horror Musical Western Romance Thriller Mocumentary

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Thank you for stopping by, O’ Brave One!

We won’t know exactly which genre we have been assigned until event kickoff, so it is important to be flexible and to be prepared.

As posted on CraigsList…

As a leader for a team in the 48 Hour Film Project competition (, I am seeking an experienced writer to participate on the team (or writing partners). We won’t know the genre until event kickoff at 6:30 pm Friday June 26. However, I want someone who is good with comedy as well as action/adventure, as well as drama (meaning, no matter which genre our team is assigned, we want to ensure that maintaining an element of humor will not be a problem). Proper formatting will be required.

We are talking about a 4-7 minute finished movie (i.e. 4-7 pages). And, by nature of the event itself, the writing of the script will need to commence promptly upon our receiving our particulars. We will shoot all day Saturday, and perhaps even a little Friday evening. The great news is that this is one that you can notch in your belt right away; tight deadline and no time to procrastinate – or to even think about procrastination.

We have a good team with good talent, and some assets at hand that other teams likely won’t have. Shooting will occur in a country setting, and we expect to have considerable action. This is a good opportunity to create something unique. Please take a look at our team website (CountrySlickers-dot-com), and then contact me right away if you think you are ready for this challenging and rewarding opportunity. It would be good to see a sample of your work.

Thank You!
S. H. Dunham

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